About Us

Dr. H.B. North, Founder (1921 – 1954)

Dr. H.B. NorthIn 1921, Dr. H.B. North founded North Metal & Chemical Company for the manufacture of tungsten and molybdenum compounds and other rare earth elements. Reorganized in the 1930’s as a commercial production facility, NM&C became a critically important supplier of Tungstic Acid during World War II. By 1977, NM&C took its position as the largest domestic producer of sodium molybdate.

Jeffrey Scott Hammel, President (2010 – Current)

Jeffrey Scott HammelAfter graduating from the University of West Virginia in 1997 with a BS in Accounting, Jeff started his career with the company his great-grandfather founded in 1997 as Plant Manager. He immediately began updating the company’s production process making it easier, safer and more cost effective. Jeff established and implemented a quality program, and he developed new lab procedures and protocols for assaying the company’s many products. In 2002, Jeff was promoted to General Manager and in 2010 to President.

North Metal & Chemical Co. (NM&C) is still a fourth-generation family owned and operated producer of sodium molybdate and other chemicals serving the water treatment, pigment, agriculture, metal finishing, antifreeze, lubricant and fuel additive industries worldwide.