NorthQuest 2100 – NQ2100

Safety Data Sheet: NorthQuest 2100 SDS

Technical Data Sheet: NorthQuest 2100 TDS

CAS: 40623-75-4

Comparable to: Acumer 2100 AA/AMPS

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NorthQuest 2100 is a Carboxylate Sulphonate Copolymer for use in boiler treatment and pulp & paper processing. It is designed to provide superior stabilization of Calcium Phosphate and demonstrates excellent stabilization of Zinc and Calcium Carbonate. NorthQuest 2100 is widely used in cooling water for phosphate/zinc or all organic based treatment programs. It works as a strong dispersant, holding silt and other suspended solids in suspension and preventing fouling. 2100 has a synergistic effect with other additives in preventing scale as well as corrosion. It provides superior Iron tolerance in the presence of soluble iron in the system.

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150# deldrum, 50# carboy, Small Pack-Bucket, 2646# tote, 529# drum


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