Bis(HexaMethylene Triamine Penta (Methylene Phosphonic Acid)) – BHMTPMPA – NorthQuest 6800

Safety Data Sheet: NorthQuest 6800 – BHMTPMPA SDS

Technical Data Sheet: NorthQues 6800 – BHMTPMPA TDS

CAS: 34690-00-1



NorthQuest 6800 (BHMTPMPA), works well as a highly efficient chelating scale inhibitor for use in industrial water treatment programs. BHMTPMPA has good effect to carbonate and sulfate scale. It has good water soluble properties and heat tolerance. BHMTPMPA has high calcium ion tolerance in a wide pH range and temperature as high as 120C.

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50# carboy, 2755# tote, 551# drum, Small Pack