Polyamino Polyether Methylene Phosphonic Acid – PAPEMP -NQ6300

Safety Data Sheet: PAPEMP SDS

Technical Data Sheet: PAPEMP TDS

CAS: 130668-24-5

Comparable to: MayoQuest 2200

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NorthQuest 6300, or PAPEMP, is a new water treatment agent that has high chelation and dispersion effects, high value of calcium tolerance, and good scale inhibition effects. NQ6300 can be used as scale and corrosion inhibitor in circulating cool water system, and oilfield refill water system in situations of high hardness, high alkali and high pH value. NQ6300 has excellent scale inhibition ability to calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and calcium phosphate. NQ6300 can efficiently inhibit the formation of silica scale, stabilize metal ions such as Zn, Mn and Fe.

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150# deldrum, 50# carboy, Small Pack-Bucket, 2755# tote, 551# drum


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