Tolyltriazole Granular – NorthQuest 8100

Safety Data Sheet: Tolyltriazole Granular SDS

Technical Data Sheet: Tolyltriazole Granular TDS

CAS: 29385-43-1

Comparable to: Wintrol T, Cobratec TT-100


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Tolyltriazole Granular, or simply Toly (TTA), is an odorless, light yellow to off-white, free flowing granular substance represented by the formula: C7H7N3. Toly is used as a fast dissolving, low dusting, corrosion inhibitor for yellow metal protection in cooling tower products, engine coolants, metal working fluids, inks and cleaners.


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1102# supersack, 100# drum, 500# drum, 55# bag, Small Pack


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