NorthQuest 3610 (POCA) – NQ3610

Safety Data Sheet: NorthQuest 3610 SDS

Technical Data Sheet: NorthQuest 3610 TDS

CAS: 71050-62-9

Comparable to: BSI 361

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NorthQuest 3610 (Phosphinocarboxylic Acid) is a multifunctional polymer for scale and deposit control in industrial water treatment. This unique polymer combines features of both phosphonates and polyacrylates to deliver a balance of threshold inhibition and dispersancy. It is both resistant to chlorine, and compatible with microbiological control agents. It acts as a good scale control agent for calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate. It effectively disperses particulate matter such as silt and clay, and can eliminate the need for phosphonates and acrylates in many formulations.

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150# deldrum, 50# carboy, Small Pack-Bucket, 2646# tote, 529# drum


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